Blade Runner (2007 Final Cut)

Blade Runner: Final Cut

Directed by Ridley Scott

Originally released in 1982

"Blade Runner is the favorite of my favorite movies--so it's my favorite movie. The film creates the best jaw-dropping spectacle, period. Although the neo-Tokyo, cyberpunk style has been done to death, I can never stop enjoying the rain-covered city of Blade Runner's Los Angeles. Accompanying the film is the best soundtrack to date composed by the late Vangelis. I've listened to the soundscape album enough times that it frequents my Spotify Wrapped every year. "Memories of Green" even inspired me to start playing the piano again. Although the film's pace screeches to a halt at points, I only use that time to anticipate the next scene. Final Cut is the best version you'll get; the narrations featured in the Theatrical Cut slog the movie so much because of how inappropriate they are (yet, they have some value in adding to the noir-ish parts of the film). I could care less if Ridley Scott is some deranged old man now; all of the elements of the movie create an inescapable and influential atmosphere that thrives today."

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