RE: The Room

The Room (2003)

Missing Visual Aid

Directed by Tommy Wiseau

"The Room is an uncomfortable mess that's hard to talk about. Time and time again, the film is lauded as the pinnacle of "So Bad, It's Good Movies" that it has kicked off future careers for Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero. The movie is a cultural event, with midnight screenings that include ceremonious traditions like trashing the theatre with spoons. There's nothing like it; Tommy has excluded himself from the world and become a symbol of ludicrously bad filmmaking (alongside such legends as the Breenster). Yet, even though the film is all laughs, it's hard to shake off the Wiseau's abuse of actors and self-starring sex scenes. I'd say that the first time is great, and with each consecutive showing, you'll need either more friends or more alcohol to cope."

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